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   Manes Hotel has always been well known all across Czech republic thanks to its popularity and granting the best service in fiftys up to eightys. It was built in the year of 1941. Svratka business man Jindrich Bures was in charge of the building project and the construction plan was designed by Karel Repa from Pardubice, well known architect by trade.

   The building work on a project was not completed on regular basis due to the war times
and the lack of building materials at the building site.
As a result of that, Manes Hotel was not finished on time.

   The base of building was made of bricks only after the republic's liberation back in 1945. Even after the liberation, the work continued but very slowly. Again, one of the main reasons was the poor financial side and the lack of materials. Once the head of a new company called Czechoslovakian Hotels took the charge of the whole project, the situation improved rapidly.

   Building works got finished fast and soon an open day was celebrated on the 17th July 1949. Hotel was also named after the painting tradition Svratky, Manes.

Opening hotel in the year 1949

Reopening hotel in the year 2008








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