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Tourist attractions


Svratka is located in a little district surrounded by mountains and green scenary from all sides, near the Svratka river bank about 632 meters above the sea. This small but beautiful and fascinating town situated in a very nice Czechomoravian County called Zdarske Hills is ideal for a healthy, pieceful and also romantic break all year round. There is a huge variety of seasonal facilities and things to do. Every single of you will find what suits you best.

Svratecke Museum
- this place will take you back in times of First Republic where all visitors have the chance to explore narrow and traditional streets of this little town.

Svratka is the way of exploring nearby or even farest surroundings of this beautiful place either by foot or by bicycle. Very ideal and popular for tourism.

Interest for day trips

Tourism and climbing terrains for all age :                                                 

- Hunting castle KARLŠTEJN from 18 century - Svratouch

- Footpaths in the hills lead to high points and there is a castle built into the rock  ZKAMENĚLÝ ZÁMEK, call too Old Karlštejn, just one kilometr east of town Svratka -  
 Česká Cikánka

- Gneissy formation RYBENSKÉ PERNIČKY near the village Pustá Rybná (3 km)

- Gneissy formation VELKÉ PERNIČKY (Milovské Perníčky) - 1 kilometr from Čtyř palic,
  northeast from village Křižanky

- Gneissy formation wayside woods complex ČTYŘI PALICE - approx 1 km from Milovy

- Gneissy formation wayside wood DRÁTENÍČKY – approx 200 m north-west from village

- Protected forest area ŽÁKOVA HORA - approx 1,5 km northeast from vilage Cikháj

- Nature monument and it is the highest top of Žďár hills is DEVĚT SKAL - 836 m
  (gneissy formation in woods complex approx 3 km west by south from village Křižanky)

- spring Svratkas river


Car trips :                                                                                                             

- Open air museum Vysočina VESELÝ KOPEC- natural architect from 18 / 19 century - Hlinsko v Čechách ( 20 km)

- Bethlehem Hlinsko - folk buildings – 10 km

- Zelená hora - church sv.Jana Nepomuckého - Žďár nad Sázavou 20 km

- Museum of books - Žďár nad Sázavou 20 km

- Horácké Museum of folk culture - Nové město na Moravě 20 km

- Horácká galerie v Novém Městě na Moravě - Nové město na Moravě 20 km

- Bohuslav Martinu museum - Polička 20 km

- Castle Nové Hrady - rococo building, built in 1774 till 1777, earl Jean-Antoino Harbuval
  de Chamaré in franch style like summer residency, called Czech Versailles - village Nove
  Hrady, town Ústí nad Orlicí, 22 km. Castle includes first czech museum of cycling.

- Gothic church PERNŠTEJN from 13th century - Nedvědice, close town Brno-village
  48 km away from hotel Manes

- Ležáky - is a beautiful little village originally burnt down during the Second World War. Its
  locatedin north, nearby Hlinsko town with a river Lezak. About 1km from the Miretice district.
  Here standing high is a Memorial stone. Only grave stones and curbs are left here after this
  sad event, reminding where houses used to be once upon a time.

- Toulcovy Maštale - rocky and sandy hills accompanied by dark forests - close village
  Skuteč – 20km


Tourism for cyclist - you would find quite few very well marked roads clearly made for cyclists admiring surrounding of Svratka area.

Neighbourhood of hotel is good terrain for mountain bicycles. In 2007 MTBO World Championship was here.




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