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Entertainment centre


Western city called „Šiklův mlýn“
- Zvole nad Pernštejnem - the biggest natural funny place in Czech republic - 34 km
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The Draxmoor haunted mansion
- scary castle Dolní Rožínka (38 km)

Is a new and unusual project in entertainment tourism - in the Czech Republic or anywhere else. The huge dark and mysterious historical building (originally a castle granary, first mentioned in the 14th century) will pique everyone’s interest at first sight.
The castle presents an eerily fantastic exhibition combining fascinating exhibits, original cellar spaces, a medieval fairy tale market place, and a stylish tavern with magical service, witches brews and a children’s play area.
To begin, visitors enter a 3-D cinema at the back of the castle that introduces everyone to a time of witches, knights and scary apparitions. Next, one visits various floors where giants, witches and other mystical creatures are waiting, all of whom mysteriously light up, move and talk.

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